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The Central Bank of Montenegro cited “improper reporting” as reason for a special audit of the troubled First Bank, which is controlled by the family of Prime Minister Milo Đukanović.
By The Center for Investigative Reporting

The Central Bank of Montenegro is taking the unusual step of assigning a special auditor to begin looking next month into the workings of the country’s second largest bank, The First Bank, which is controlled by Prime Minister Milo Đukanović, his relatives and a close friend.
Đukanović’s Montenegro a Family Business PDF Print E-mail


As EU Membership Looms, So Do Troubling Questions


Montenegrins may have been surprised late last year to learn that the global financial crisis had arrived in their tiny Balkan country. Newspapers, the Internet, and even a James Bond film painted Montenegro as the Monte Carlo of Eastern Europe. The nation’s mountainous, tree-lined coast, medieval walled cities, and stone ruins set the scene for a boom in luxury hotels and private villas.

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Love, Tobacco, and the Mafia

By Leo Sisti

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists


“My little cat … I’m going crazy without you …. You have repeatedly betrayed me, I think …. Little cat, when are you coming? ... I love you, little cat.” On Jan. 4, 2001, Dušanka Jeknić, representative of the Montenegrin trade mission in Milan, Italy, was speaking on the phone at her home in the southwest of the city. Milo Đukanović, at that time president of Montenegro, was calling from the capital Podgorica.

Ukraine’s ‘Lost’ Cigarettes Flood Europe PDF Print E-mail

Big Tobacco’s Overproduction Fuels $2 Billion Black Market
By Vlad Lavrov

The hang glider pilot insisted it was a routine flight, and that strong winds had blown him over the border from Hungary into Ukraine. But the man arrested by Ukrainian authorities last July, with his flight suit and night-vision gear, looked suspiciously like other hang-gliding smugglers along the border — smugglers who take off from Ukraine, fly into Hungary, and each drop as much as 100 cartons of contraband cigarettes.
China’s Marlboro Country PDF Print E-mail

A Massive Underground Industry Makes China the World Leader in Counterfeit Cigarettes
By Te-Ping Chen

On first approach, Yunxiao seems like any other Chinese backwater caught in uneasy industrial transition. Faded advertisements line the streets downtown, where motorcyclists wearing bamboo-frond hats determinedly vie for passengers in a riot of honking. A cheerful red banner in the city center exhorts citizens to develop the local economy — and yet the message seems ironic. After all, since the 1990s, Yunxiao has already sprouted its own league of millionaires, famous throughout China.
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