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While governments and citizens of Eastern Europe were struggling with the recent financial crisis and trying to borrow money from international financial institutions, billions of euros circulated in the region in an illegal, parallel, system that enriched organized crime figures and corrupt politicians.The system is built on hundreds, maybe thousands, of ever-morphing phantom companies.
They exist on paper only and appear to be run by scores of common people, who are, in fact, simply proxies. Many are unaware that their names appear in official documents as the human face of a company. Others are naïve or don’t care.
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About us

About us

The project was done by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project -- a consortium of investigative centers, journalists and media organizations throughout the Balkans and Eastern Europe.
Mihai Munteanu-OCCRP
Roman Anin-Novaya Gazeta, Russia
Arta Giga-Nothing Personal, TV3 Latvia
Inga Springe-Re:Baltica; The Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism, Latvia
Vlad Lavrov-Kyiv Post, Ukraine
Valerie Hopkins-OCCRP
Stevan Dojcinovic-CINS-The Serbian Center for Investigative Journalism
Graham Stack-freelance, Ukraine
Miranda Patrucic-CIN, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Drew Sullivan, OCCRP
Rosemary Armao, OCCRP
Paul Cristian Radu, OCCRP