Svetlana Ražnatović

Name: SvetlanaSurname: RažnatovićAKA: Ceca
Date of birth: Jun. 14, 1973Place of birth: Prokuplje, SerbiaNationality: SerbianAddress: Ljutice Bogdana 3, Belgrade, Serbia
Spouse: Željko Ražnatović aka Arkan, assassinated in Belgrade in January 2000Children: Son Veljko and daughter AnastasijaInterests: Music, football
Alleged Illegal Activities: Stealing money from football transfers, illegal weapons possession. Charged with abusing her position with the football club.Source: Belgrade High Court Verdict, Business Register Agency
Additional Information:In May 2011, the Belgrade High Court accepted a plea bargain struck between the prosecution and Ceca. She agreed to pay a fine of €1.5 million euros. As part of the plea, Ceca was put on house arrest for a year, with credit for four months spent in detention in 2003 when she was arrested in the "Sablja" police operation.
Svetlana Ražnatović is one of the most popular singing stars in Serbia. She has been convicted of embezzling money from football player transfers and illegal possession of weapons.
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Persons with some association whether legally or personally with the party
First NameSurnameAKAConnectionDate of BirthDescriptionSource
LidijaOcokoljićCeca's sister and the secretary of Obilić Football ClubDec. 1, 1974Lidija Ocokoljić (maiden name Veličković) is Ceca's younger sister. She worked at the Obilić FC as secretary beginning in January, 2000. Lidija helped her sister steal money from football player transfers. In 2003, just after the assassination of Serbian PM Zoran Đinđić, Lidija was arrested in a general police crackdown on organized crime called operation "Sablja", or "The Saber". She was detained for one month and released. A court ruled Lidija opened bank accounts in Serbia and abroad and also traveled to Cyprus and Hungary to withdraw money from those bank account and give the money to Ceca's associates. Prosecutors said in an indictment that method helped Ceca and Lidija illegally make money and abuse their positions with the football club. Lidija pleaded guilty to helping Ceca misappropriate money and was sentenced to six months of house arrest. This punishment includes one month spent in detention in 2003. By the verdict, Lidija and Ceca also have to pay a fine €1.5 million. The sisters were charged under the same indictment. Lidija is the only owner and director of Ceca Music DOO company in Belgrade. She is married to football player Predrag Ocokoljić (Obilić FC, season 2011/2012).The High Court Belgrade Verdict, Business Register Agency
DragišaBinićThe General Manager of Obilić FCOct. 20, 1961Dragiša Binić worked as the general manager of Obilić FC. According to the indictment against Ceca, Binić was charged along with Ceca with stealing money from football transfers. According to the verdict, Binić helped Ceca get money illegally from transfers and made sure the transfer agreement wasn’t recorded in the club’s financial books. The money from the transfer wasn’t paid on the Obilić FC bank account but on a bank account of a Montenegrin company opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The manager of the club, Jovan Dimitrijević aided the transactions. According to the Business Register Agency, Binić founded the restaurant Vinjak 5BM in Kruševac, Serbia. In 2009, Vinjak 5BM became Vinjak 5BM DOO in which Binić has 50% share. The owner of others 50% is Žarko Anđelković.The High Court Belgrade Indictment and Verdict, Business Register Agency
JovanDimitrijevićThe manager of the Obilić FCJan. 20, 1957Jovan Dimitrijević is the fourth defendant according to the indictment, accused of helping Ceca and Lidija steal money from football player transfers. In the agreement with Ceca, Dimitrijević took money from player transfers out of his own bank account in Belgrade and gave it to Lidija without signing any records noting the exchange of cash. Also, Dimitrijević signed money transfers to foreign companies through bank accounts abroad. In one case according to the verdict, Dimitrijević signed a paper - an order of payment, in which the user was Montenegrin company Tomašević i dr DOO. In that case the part of the money transfer was stolen from the Obilić FC and paid on the foreign company's bank account. According to the Business Register Agency, Dimitrijević is the only owner and director of company Alfa-Group DOO. From 2009, Dimitrijević is also 100% owner of Defanziva DOO were he replaced Zoran Živković, the former owner of the company.The High Court Belgrade Indictment and Verdict, Business Register Agency
StanislavaČočorovska-PoletanA partner to Ceca in dealing with football player transfersJun. 13, 1968 Stanislava Čočorovska-Poletan is Ceca’s partner in a football player transfer scheme. She is a citizen of Macedonia and lives in Belgrade, Serbia. Čočorovska-Poletan had bank accounts abroad and helped Ceca get money from a series of football transfers. She received deposits to her bank account in Turkey, which she forwarded to Lidija’s bank account in Hungary. According to Ceca’s indictment and subsequent conviction, Čočorovska-Poletan also received money on her bank account in Macedonia from other transfers and gave the money in cash to Lidija. According to the Business Register Agency, Čočorovska-Poletan is owner of two companies in Serbia: Makfut DOO and SPC Company DOO. She used Makfut to organize a group that smuggled 434.5 kilograms of cocaine from Montenegro to Greece in 2006. The Basic Court in Skopje, Macedonia, sentenced her to 14 years and six months prison in November 2007 for smuggling cocaine. Stanislava Čočorovska married Ranko Poletan, Arkan’s godfather. Poletan is also director of Makfut DOO. The company is registered at the same address as Poletan’s apartment in Belgrade. According to the purchase contract, Poletan bought this apartment from Ceca’s father Slobodan Veličković in 2003.The High Court Belgrade Verdict, The Basic Court Skopje Verdict, Business Register Agency
DarkoŠušnjarSports agent and Ceca's partner in dealing with football transfersSep. 26, 1964Darko Šušnjar was Ceca’s partner and helped her misappropriate money from football player transfers. According to the verdict against Ceca, Šušnjar had accounts in several different banks in Cyprus. As Ceca’s agent, Šušnjar travelled abroad (Cyprus) to take money from his own accounts and helped Ceca launder money. After foreign football clubs bought Obilić football player contracts through Šušnjar’s bank account, he went to Cyprus to retrieve the money. Ceca gave him verbal instruction on what to do with the payments. Šušnjar kept a 10% fee for his efforts and the rest of the money went to accounts of Ceca's sister, Lidija. Lidija then took the cash and forwarded it to Ceca. Some of the transfer agreements were never recorded in the financial books of Obilić FC.The High Court Belgrade Verdict
PredragOcokoljićObilić FC football player, co-owner of Obilić 2007 DOO and Lidija's husbandJul. 29, 1977Predrag Ocokoljić is a professional football player for Obilić FC. Aleksandar Olarević, the former director of Obilić FC, filed a private lawsuit against Ceca and Ocokoljić, claiming they threatened and hit him. That lawsuit became, in 2011, the basis for a criminal indictment by Basic Public Prosecution in Belgrade against Ceca and Ocokoljić for violent criminal behavior. According to the indictment, in June 2007, Olarević was in his flat when Ceca and Ocokoljić came by and called him out. Ceca started to insult Olarević telling him: "You're stealing the club from my orphans. If Arkan is alive, you probably wouldn't do that." Ceca also threatened Olarević telling him: "You don't know who is behind me, which people and what institutions." The indictment charges that after these words, Ocokoljić approached Olarević and hit him after which Olarević sustained a slight injury. As Olarević described in the lawsuit, Ocokoljić ordered him to leave the Obilić FC and Ceca immediately, telling Olarević "If you call the police, I will shoot you in the stomach." Predrag Ocokoljić married Lidija Veličković-Ocokoljić, Ceca's younger sister. According to the Business Register Agency, Ocokoljić is the co-owner of the company Obilić 2007 DOO with 60% share. The company is registered at the same address as Obilić FC. Ocokoljić also has residence in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.The Basic Public Prosecution Belgrade Indictment, Aleksandar Olarević's Private Law Suite, Business Register Agency
LjubinkoJeftićSports Director of Obilić FCSep. 25, 1953Ljubinko Jeftić was the sports director of Obilić FC. In 2003 he told the Serbian media that the Obilić FC Assembly will not press charges of embezzlement against Ceca because, as club president, she gave to the Obilić FC more than she took from it. A former vice president of the club, Žarko Nikolić, said that the Assembly did not bring charges against Ceca because the members of the Assembly are also members of her family. According to Business Register Agency, Jeftić is one of the co-founders of the company Obilić 2007 DOO. Business Registry Agency, Serbian media
RankoStojićFIFA Football ManagerJan. 18, 1959Ranko Stojić is a FIFA Football Manager who, as an agent, handled the transfer arrangements for Obilić's football players. A former vice president of Obilić, Žarko Nikolić, told the Serbian media that in a conversation with Stojić about payment for transfers, Stojić told him that he (Stojić) has to talk to Ceca about that. But, Nikolić said the comment surprised him because Ceca is not the owner of the club. According to SBPOK Police Report, Obilić FC made a contract in July 1, 1999 to transfer one player to a Dutch football club. The contract stated the payment must be made in cash. For that purpose, as stated in SBPOK Report, Stojić opened a bank account in Dusseldorf, in the same place where the purchasing club also held an account. Nikolić told the Serbian media he went to Dusseldorf where Stojić gave him 4.5 million German Marks (DM, the currency in use at the time) in cash. After taking it, Nikolić brought a bag with the money from abroad and gave it to Ceca and her husband Arkan, the notorious paramilitary leader and accused gangster, in their family house in Belgrade. Case payments of that size were illegal at the time. According to the Business Register Agency, Stojić owns an 80% share in a sports management and consulting company called Dynamic Agency DOO in Belgrade. He was also the founder of Pro Agency DOO, a defunct company. Stojić also owns and finances Rad Football Club. In 2011, Rad FC used the Obilić stadium for some matches at the beginning of the season.SBPOK Report, Business Registry Agency

Lidija Ocokoljić 2003.05.12 Hearing
Lidija Ocokoljić 2003.05.13 Decision on Detention
Lidija Ocokoljić 2011.04.08 Statement on Plea
Lidija Ocokoljić 2011.04.08 Plea Agreement
Stanislava Čočorovska-Poletan 2007.11.30 The Basic Court Skopje (Macedonia) Verdict
Stanislava Čočorovska-Poletan 2004.11.04 Residence in Serbia
Stanislava Čočorovska-Poletan 2006.11.27 Makfut DOO Company Records
Stanislava Čočorovska-Poletan 2006.11.27 SPC Company DOO Company Records
Ranko Poletan 2003.07.08 Purchase Contract between Poletan and Slobodan Veličković
Aleksandar Olarević 2008.03.31 Private Law Suite
Predrag Ocokoljić and Ceca 2011.10.11 The Basic Public Prosecution Belgrade Indictment
Dragiša Binić Vinjak 5BM Entrepreneur Company Records
Jovan Dimitrijević Defanziva DOO Company Records
Ranko Stojić Pro Agency DOO Decision On Liquidation
Ranko Stojić Dynamic Agency DOO Company Records
Dragiša Binić Restoran Vinjak 5BM DOO Company Records
Jovan Dimitrijević Alfa-Group DOO Company Records
Ranko Stojić Pro Agency DOO Company Records


TypeCharging BodyChargeDateDescriptionSource
ConvictionThe Belgrade High CourtAbuse of Office (misappropriating money of football players transfers)May. 30, 2011Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović was convicted in 2011 on charges she embezzled money and illegally profited from the transfer of football players between May, 2000 and August, 2003. As the president of Obilić FC, Ceca received 4.1 million DM (German Marks) and 3.48 million USD (in total 235.5 million RSD, at the time) in illegal income. Instead of paying money to Obilić FC bank account, with her sister Lidija’s help, Ceca deposited the money into her personal bank account or she got money in cash. Her agents from the club helped her steal money as part of the player transfer scheme. The money was sent through bank accounts in several countries. The Serbian Service for Combating Organized Crime (SBPOK) uncovered many of Ceca's dealing with football transfers in Obilić FC and started the investigation. In May 2011, Ceca and her sister Lidija pleaded guilty. The High Court in Belgrade accepted the plea bargain between the prosecution and them. Ceca was put under house arrest for a year and has to pay the state €1.5 million. The first payment of the fine was in June and the second in December 15, 2011.The Belgrade High Court Verdict, SBPOK Report
ConvictionThe Belgrade High CourtIllegal possession of weapons (8 handguns and 3 revolvers)May. 30, 2011Ceca was convicted of illegally possessing weapons: eight automatic handguns (“CZ 99”, Luger”, “VDZ”, “Vzor 50”) and three revolvers (“Smith and Wesson”, “Trooper”), which were stored in her family house in Belgrade. In testimony at a 2003 hearing – when she was first arrested but released – Ceca said that there was one room in her family’s home which she never entered. That room belonged to her deceased husband Željko Ražnatović, better known as Arkan. He was the leader of the paramilitary group “Arkan’s Tigers” which operated in Bosnian war during nineties. He was charged at the Hague for war crimes but murdered in Belgrade before he could be arrested. In 2003 Ceca stated she had no idea what was in that room. The weapons were seized from Ceca’s house in 2003 when police arrested her as part of the "Sablja" police operation just after the assassination of the PM Zoran Đinđić. Serbian police in March 2003 listed all seized property including weapons, guns, bullets and others - 88 objects in total. Along with handguns, revolvers, bullets and binoculars, police also found thumb handcuffs.The Belgrade High Court Verdict, Police Confirmation about seized property
IndictmentThe Belgrade Basic CourtViolent Criminal Behavior (Threatening murder)Apr. 20, 2011The First Basic Public Prosecutor in Belgrade filed an indictment against Ceca and her associate for violent criminal behavior and threatening to kill Aleksandar Olarević, director of Mladi Radnik FC in June 2007. The indictment is based on Olarević's private lawsuit. In June 2007, Olarević was at his home when Ceca and Ocokoljić came by and called him out. Ceca started to insult Olarević telling him: "You're stealing the club from my orphans. If Arkan is alive, you probably wouldn't do that." Ceca also threatened Olarević telling him: "You don't know who is behind me, which people and what institutions." Predrag Ocokoljić approached Olarević and hit him, causing slight injury. As Olarević described in the lawsuit, Ocokoljić demanded that he leave the football club to Ceca immediately, telling Olarević "If you call the police, I will shoot you in the stomach". The court case is still pending. The Basic Public Prosecution Belgrade Indictment, Aleksandar Olarević's Private Law Suit
LawsuitThe Belgrade Basic Court (The Belgrade Court of Appeal, The Serbian Supreme Court)Ceca has to repay the debt to Vojislav Đurković and return him 116.063,25 euro Đurković borrowed Ceca's husband Arkan in 1997. In January 2012, the Serbian Supreme Court abolished the Belgrade Court of Appeal verdict and accepted Ceca's application for revising the caseApr. 28, 2010In May 1997, Arkan borrowed money – about €116,000, although accounts and exchange rates differ and the euro didn’t even exist at that time -- from Vojislav Đurković. Arkan was murdered in a gangland style shooting at Belgrade hotel in January 2000. Đurković sued Ceca in March, 2000 in an effort to get his money back. Đuković held the rank of major in Arkan's paramilitary group called the "Serbian Volunteer Guard," also known as "Arkan's Tigers". The two men made a verbal contract, but signed nothing because they were friends and trusted each other, according to records from the lawsuit. Đurković won his lawsuit late last year, but Ceca is appealing. According to the verdict, Đurković loaned Arkan approximately 227,000 German Marks (DM) without receipt and Arkan had to return the money after he completed a cash transfer of one of his Obilić football players, where Arkan was a director. Đurković gave Arkan most of the cash in July 1997 in Arkan's house and few days later he gave him the rest of the money in front of the Arkan's garage. Earlier that same year, Arkan opened the Grand Casino in the Hotel Yugoslavia he owned. Đurković arrived at his friend’s opening night and had what can only be considered a lucky night, winning what at the time was $210,000. Just one problem: Arkan did have enough money to cover the whopping total. So Arkan gave Đurković one of many apartments he owned in Belgrade in lieu of payment on the gambling win. In court, Ceca’s defense argued that the apartment was actually repayment for the loan, and that there was no gambling debt. But records presented during the case showed that the apartment transfer came – and the opening of the casino – came months before the loan. So, according to the court verdict, the apartment couldn’t have been used to pay back the loan, because no loan had been made at that time. Even Ceca's and Đurković's statements about exact time the casino opened differed. Ceca said it was in September 1997, but Đurković said it was in the beginning of 1997. Ceca didn't have any documents to prove her point. Ceca’s initial appeal of the Basic Court verdict was denied and she was ordered to pay the money. But in January, 2012 the Serbian Supreme Court came to Ceca’s aide and abolished the lower court ruling while ordering a new trial. Under the terms of the original verdict, Ceca’s was ordered to sell her home to pay the debt to Đurković. But she couldn’t sell the house because a lien had been placed by the state until she made the final payment of a €1.5 million fine levied when she was convicted of misappropriating money from football player transfers. The Belgrade Court of Appeal Verdict, The Serbian Supreme Court
ConvictionThe Belgrade Basic Court, The Belgrade Appeal CourtBecause Ceca took loan from Komercijalna bank and did not return all the amount of the loan, the bank sued her. Ceca has to pay around 900 hundred RSD (9 thousand euro)May. 11, 2011Ceca defaulted on a commercial loan she took to help upgrade part of the of the Obilić FC stadium. In March 7, 2003, she borrowed from Komercijalna bank a total of 9,778,810 RSD (around €97,000). Under terms of the contract, she had 12 months to repay the loan, and, according to court records, she did make some payments. The bank sued and the Belgrade Basic Court and the Belgrade Court of Appeal upheld the verdict, ordering her to repay the remaining €9,000.The Belgrade Basic Court Verdict, The Belgrade Appeal Court in Verdict
ArrestThe Belgrade High CourtFour-month detentionApr. 14, 2003Ceca was arrested in March 2003 as part of the police operation "Sablja" after the assassination of the Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić and spent around four months in detention. Police searched her family's home and found weapons stored there illegally. At the same time, police also accused her of stealing money from football players transfers between 2000 and 2003. The case lay dormant for years, but finally, in 2011, she reached a plea bargain. The court ordered her to pay €1.5 million and to spend one year house arrest in her Belgrade mansion, with credit for time served.The Belgrade High Court Decision on Detention

Ceca 2003.04.14 Decision on Detention
Ceca 2011.03.28 Indictment
Ceca 2011.04.08 Statement on Plea
Ceca 2011.04.08 Plea Agreement
Ceca 2011.04.27 Plea Agreement Anex
Ceca 2011.05.09 Decision on Accepting Plea Agreement
Ceca 2011.05.30 Verdict
Ceca 2011.06.22 Proof of the payment - first installment of 500 thousand euro
Aleksandar Olarević 2008.03.31 Private Lawsuit
Ceca SBPOK Report
Ceca and Predrag Ocokoljić 2011.04.20 Indictment for violent behavior
Ceca 2003.03.17 Police Confirmation about seized property
Ceca 2010.04.28 Verdict - returning debt to Vojislav Đurković
Ceca 2011.05.11 Verdict - repaying loan to Komercijalna bank
Ceca 2011.02.10 Desicion on returning debt to Vojislav Đurković - The Basic Court Belgrade
Ceca 2011.12.15 Proof of payment - second installment of 500 thousand euro
Ceca 2011.04.20 The Basic Public Prosecution Belgrade Indictment - Violent Criminal Behavior (Threatening murder)


NameType of OwnershipPercentage OwnershipOther OwnersDescriptionAnnual IncomeSource
Obilić Football Club- SELECT -Obilić Football Club is part of the Obilić Sports Society and has not yet been privatized.Obilić FC was founded in 1924 in Belgrade. In June, 1996 Ceca’s husband, Željko Ražnatović Arkan, the feared paramilitary leader and accused war criminal, became president of the club. Under Arkan the team, which just three years earlier had advanced to the Premier Federal League of Yugoslavia, enjoyed historic success. In 1997-1998, the club became champion of Yugoslavia. But his tenure was fraught with problems. According to financial records, the club claimed it had no income of any kind from ticket sales. And in 1998 records revealed that some players were transferred without any paperwork documenting the transactions. Under scrutiny, Arkan in 1998 decided to allow fans into the games for free. In July, 1998 he was replaced as president by Žarko Nikolić. Three years later, in June, 2000 Nikolić requested the session of the assembly of the club, and sent a copy of his letter to the Serbian President, Minister of Interior and the Public Prosecutor. In the letter, Nikolić asked that Ceca address the assembly to explain what happened to all the transfer money that had not been accounted for. Ceca removed Nikolić as president shortly after. An internal Obilić FC document obtained by OCCRP includes a list of all football players sold by the club in 1999 and 2000. The document shows that much of the money never was recorded on any Obilić FC bank account. Business Register Agency, Obilić FC National Bank Financial Control Report, National Bank of Serbia, Obilić FC official website, Red Star FC official website
Ceca Music DOOThrough Connected Person or CompanyLidija Veličković-Ocokoljić 100%Ceca's younger sister, Lidija Veličković-Ocokoljić is the sole owner and director of the company Ceca Music DOO, according to Business Registry records. The company specializes in sound recording and music publishing. The company has one of the biggest music studios in Belgrade (Ceca Music Studio - 300 thousand euros in 2010 (which is seven times more than in the year 2009)Business Registry Agency, Ceca Music Studio official website
Obilić 2007 DOOThrough Connected Person or CompanyPredrag Ocokoljić 60%Slavko Jeftić 40%According to the Business Register Agency, in year 2007, football player Predrag Ocokoljić, Ceca’s brother-in-law, and sports director of Obilić FC Ljubinko Jeftić founded a company called Obilić 2007 DOO in Belgrade. The company was registered at the same address as Obilić FC. The third co-founder wa Obilić FC with the share of 20%, although today it is not part of the ownership structure. According to Business Registry Records, the company is now owned by Ocokoljić (60%) and Slavko Jeftić (40%).€97,000 in 2010Business Register Agency
Vizantin Trade Company DOOPersonalCeca, 50-percent. Jakov Stablović, 50-percentJakov StablovićCeca's husband, Željko Ražnatović aka Arkan, Goran Todorović and Jakov Stablović founded Vizantin Trade Company DOO in 1994 in Belgrade. The company said it specialized in designing, consulting, transporting and trading. In 1996, co-founders Arkan and Todorović withdrew formal ownership, but Arkan remained president and still presided over the company with Ceca. The couple used Vizantin to provide huge financial import to one of his other corporations, the Obilić FC, according to a report by the Serbian National Bank looking into the football club’s finances. For example, in 1998 Vizantin gave Obilić FC more than 4 million RSD (about $60,000 at the time, although exchange rates and currency changes make an exact conversion impossible) in a sponsoring agreement. Vazantin also invested around 15 million RSD for construction at and around the stadium. When Arkan withdrew, he conveyed the initial capital of Vizantin to his wife and Todorović ceded his intererests to Stablović. When the company went out of business in 2002, Ceca owned half, and Stablović owned half.Bussines Registry Agency, National Bank Control Over Financial and Business Operations Report Obilić FC

Obilić FC The list of sold football players in the season 1999/2000 - internal document that shows stealing money from football transfers
Obilić FC 2002 Official Website
Obilić FC 2000.06.07 Žarko Nikolić' Letter - Session of the Obilić FC Assembly
Obilić FC 1999.09.03 National Bank Control Over Financial and Business Operations Report and Obilić FC Records on football transfers without financial transaction and Arkan's Decision on ticket
Obilić FC 2010.09.10 The Agreement on Business and Technical Cooperation with Red Star FC
Obilić FC The Single Register of Accounts of the National Bank of Serbia - Blocked Bank Accounts
Ceca Music DOO 2006.10.16 Founding Act
Obilić 2007 DOO 2007.07.04 Founding Act
Obilić 2007 DOO 2011 Owners of the Company
Vizantin Trade Company DOO Founding Act and Decision on Conclusion of the Liquidation

Legal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource
€2,000 and €3,000 Per monthWhen Ceca was indicted most recently for violent criminal behavior, the indictment by the Basic Public Prosecution listed her salary as between €2,000 and €3,000 per month. But that figure seems extremely low. For instance, in 2011, on the same day she was placed on house arrest, Ceca sold just one of her songs, “Pity for Me,’’ online for €1 each download. It logged a reported 150,000 downloads in the first hour before crashing, the song publisher said. The publisher claimed 700,000 downloads in the first 24 hours, but that figure cannot be verified. Her occupation is folk singer, and she is extremely popular in the Balkans.The Basic Public Prosecution Indictment

Ceca 2011.04.20 The Basic Public Prosecution Belgrade Indictment

Illegal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource
Obilić FC - misappropriation of money from football players transfers4.1 million DM (German Marks) and 3.48 million USD (in total 235.5 million RSD)From August 2000 till May 2003Svetlana Ražnatović was the president of Obilić FC. Working with associates, she illegally profited from football transfers and hid the proceeds. Money that should have gone to the club wound up in bank accounts of Ceca, her family and friends, according to the indictment. The High Court Belgrade Verdict

Ceca 2011 The High Court Belgrade Verdict

Donations & Charity

OrganizationAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource
"The Third Child" Humanitarian Fund1994-2000According to the Business Register Agency, The Third Child Humanitarian Fund was founded in 1994 by a group that included Ceca’s late husband, Željko Ražnatović Arkan. The fund went dormant after Arkan was assassinated in Belgrade in January, 2000.The address of the foundation was 3 Lutice Bogdana Street in Belgrade which, according to property records, lists Arkan's ex-wife Natalija Ražnatović as the owner. But today Ceca lives in that villa and has been described as the owner in court papers. Ceca and Arkan got married in 1995. A year later, in January 1996, Ceca became the president of the fund. Also, one of the founders of the fund is Borislav Pelević, Arkan's best man and member of the National Parliament. Pelević was also a member of Arkan's "Party of Serbian Unity". In 1996 Pelević was selected as vice-president of the fund. According to the fund’s charter, its aim is to support needy families with three or more children, and was designed to increase the birth rate in Serbia. Arkan and Ceca videotaped their wedding which was then dubbed the “Wedding of the Decade” in the Balkans. Proceeds from sale of VHS video cassette went to The Third Child Humanitarian Fund. Business Registry Agency, Serbian media
Auction Sales€1,5002002Once The Third Child fund went dormant, Ceca's donations were based mainly on proceeds of auctions, some of which she took part in. In an example from 2002, Ceca sold one of her dresses for around €150,000 and donated the money to children's health facilities in Belgrade and Novi Sad, in Serbia.Serbian media
The Humanitarian Concerts2004After ethnic conflicts in Kosovo in 2010, Ceca held several humanitarian concerts raising money for charity. She donated the revenue from ticket sales.Serbian media
Belgrade City Parliament Humanitarian ActionSeveral thousand euroJune, 2010The Belgrade City Parliament organized a humanitarian event in June 2010 for the Belgrade Children's Shelter. Ceca took part by donating her dresses from famous fashion designers (Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Armani, Versace). The wardrobe’s value was estimated to be several thousand euros. At the time, the Serbian media quoted her as saying at the event: "I accepted this invitation, and like my other colleagues, I will donate some dresses, some of which I wore just once."Serbian media
Donation for the citizens of Kraljevo (Central Serbia) after earthquake€2,000November, 2010In 2010, an earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale hit Kraljevo, a city in Central Serbia. It injured dozens and caused substantial damage. Ceca visited Kraljevo and donate €500 each to four families. She also donated building materials to help the reconstruction efforts.City of Kraljevo official website

"The Third Child" Humanitarian Fund Business Register Agency Records
"The Third Child" Humanitarian Fund - The Income Of Arkan And Ceca Wedding Video Tape Sale Went To Charity Fund

Real Assets

Type of PropertyEstimated ValueDescriptionSource
Real-estate €500,000Ceca owns a villa in Belgrade at 3 Ljutice Bogdana Street. As part of her plea deal with prosecutors to settle embezzlement and assault charges, a lien was placed on the property last year by the Belgrade High Court until she pays a €1.5 million fine. She must make the final installment €500,000 by May, 2013. The estimated value of Ceca's house is €500,000, and the house also has an existing mortgage. Besides the mortgage, there is also another claim to the property. Because of the debt compiled by Ceca and her husband, the late Arkan, she owes money to Vojislav Đurković, a former member of paramilitary forces. The Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA), Sector for Real Estate Cadastre of RGA, The Belgrade High Court Verdict
Real-estateCeca also owns a villa in Cyprus, according to Serbian media reports. It is located at the seaport town of Ayia Napa on the seacoast. The Basic Public Prosecution Belgrade Indictment

RGA 2011.04.01 Decision on Execution The Basic Court Belgrade Decision
RGA 2011.06.14 Decision on Mortgage on Real Assets
RGA 2011.09.28 Sector for Real Estate Cadastre - The Copy of the List of Real Estate
Basic Court Belgrade 1994 Book Records of Contracts
Basic Court Belgrade 1997 Book Records of Contracts
2011.02.16 Proposal for execution - Basic Court Belgrade

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Borislav PelevićBorislav Pelević is a politician and a member of the National Parliament. He was Arkan's best man and a very close person to Raznatović's family. During the nineties and Bosnian war, Pelević was a commander in "Arkan's Tigers." After Arkan's murder in 2000, Pelević replaced him as president of the "Party of Serbian Unity" which Arkan founded. Pelević told Serbian media that Ceca doesn’t believe she is guilty of any crimes outlined in the indictments against her. The National Parliament of Serbia official website, Serbian media
Željko Ražnatović ArkanArkan was born in 1952 in Slovenia and spent several years abroad while he was younger, running about a string of arrests including charges o bank robbery. He also had a successful track record of escaping prisons around Europe. When he returned to Serbia, he joined the Red Star FC Belgrade fan club and became its leader. He used the club to build a loyal following. When the Bosnian war started, Arkan gathered football fans and took them to Bosnia. He was the leader of paramilitary group known as the "Serbian Volunteer Guard" or "Arkan's Tigers." Milorad Ulemek Legija, who was convicted and sentenced for carrying out the assassination of Serbian PM Zoran Đinđić and organizing a criminal clan, was also a member of the paramilitary group. Arkan served as a member of the National Parliament. In 1993, he founded the nationalistic Party of Serbian Unity and became the president of the party. Arkan was also one of the founders of The Third Child Humanitarian Fund, established in 1994 and registered at 3 Ljutice Bogdana Street in Belgrade. In 1995 he married folk singer Svetlana Veličković aka Ceca. In 1996, Ceca became president of The Third Child. In 1996, Arkan became president of the Obilić Football Club, one of a string of entities in which the couple’s control, ownership and interests overlapped. Eventually Ceca replaced him in Obilić FC. She continued dealing with football transfers. Together, the couple took money from football transfers and kept profits for themselves, or hid them in associates’ bank accounts. In January 2000, Arkan was murdered in front of the Intercontinental Hotel in Belgrade. Months earlier, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) indicted him for war crimes. Charges were dropped upon his death. According to the ICTY indictment, the court charges would have included crimes against humanity (murder, other inhumane acts, rape), grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 (willfully causing great suffering, willful killing), and violations of the laws or customs of war (murder, cruel treatment, rape). According to the indictment, Arkan was the individual responsible for crimes committed in September 1995 in Sanski Most (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in which soldiers under his command imprisoned, beat, raped, and executed non-Serb people.Business Register Agency, ITCY Indictment and Case Information Sheet
Milorad Ulemek LegijaLegija spent several years in the French Foreign Legion, and was a best friend of Ceca’s late husband, Arkan. Legija was a memeber of Arkan's paramilitary forces. He was also one of the leaders of the criminal Zemun Klan and has been convicted of murders, kidnapping and running and organized crime game. He is serving a 40-year prison sentence for assassinating Prime Minister Zoran in 2003.The Belgrade High Court, The Belgrade Basic Court, Serbian media
Ivica DačićIvica Dačić is the Minister of Interior. He is open about his longtime friendship with Ceca, saying it dates back to their years growing up together in the Serbian town of Žitorađa. “Because I became the Minister of the Interior, I can’t just forget that I know somebody,’’ Dačić told Serbian media. But he said he will not use his position to protect friends in trouble, even Ceca. Serbian media
Dragan Marković PalmaDragan Marković Palma is a former member of Arkan's Party of Serbian Unity. He is now a member of the National Parliament and the president of political party "United Serbia." Serbian media reported that Palma visited Ceca while she was still under house arrest. Palma called Ceca a “Serbian Brand.’’ Ceca has said she is not interested in politics, but that she does lean toward Palm’s political party.The Serbian National Parliament official website, Serbian media
Velimir IlićVelimir Ilić is Serbian politician and a member of the National Parliament. Ceca describes Velimir Ilić as one of her greatest friends. Ilić took part in Ceca's New Year’s Eve television show on Pink TV when he was a minister in the Serbian government. They sang a song together on the show.Serbian media
Milorad DodikMilorad Dodik is the president of the Republic of Srpska (RS), in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2010, Ceca was a guest singer at the election convention of Dodik's political party SNSD in Banja Luka.Bosnian media

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