Vladimir Sergeevich Kumarin,

Name: Vladimir Sergeevich Surname: Kumarin,AKA: Vladimir Barsukov,
Date of birth: Feb. 15, 1956Place of birth: AlexandrovkaNationality: RussianAddress: Russia, St. Petersburg, Turku Str., 31, 66. Dimitrova Str., 15/2, 36
Spouse: Marina Gennadievna Kumarina (Oct 31, 1964, wife, maybe former). Children: Interests: Real estate, office complexes, oil products, petrol stations, sea port, sea transportation, meat processing
Alleged Illegal Activities: Money laundering, contract killings, racketeering, capture of enterprisesSource: Old police files. Information about the recent criminal case.
Additional Information:Leader of Tambovskaya crime group (Tambovskie, Tambovtsi) based in St. Petersburg.
Vladimir Sergeevich Barsilov. AKA Kumarin is widely believed to be the leader of the Tambovskaya crime family in St. Petersburg.
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Persons with some association whether legally or personally with the party
First NameSurnameAKAConnectionDate of BirthDescriptionSource
Gennadiy Vasilievich PetrovGennadios PetrovJul. 19, 1947Indicted in Spain, Jun. 16, 2008. In St. Petersburg address of Petrov (Bolshoy Pr., 87, 31) Khristoforov Leonid Vitalievich (Jul 07, 1970) was registered, the co-founder of OOO "Topaz" (St.Petersburg) together with Litvak Gleb Evgenievich and Litvak Natalia Vasilievna. Petrov was listed not only as a member of "Tambovskaya" but also as a member of "Malyshevskaya" group. It means that he could change group, or was a link, has good contacts with both, though "Malyshevskaya" and "Tambovskaya" groups were in conflict for some time. "Hisparus S.L." (Spain Indictment) was listed as linked with Petrov, Kuzmin< Gavrilenkov, Gavrilenkova. "Sunstar Inversiones" (Gavrilenkov, Salikov Yuriy), "Inversiones Gudimar SL" (Petrov), "Inmobiliare Calvia 2001 SL" (Petrov), "Inmobiliaria Balear 2001 SL" (Petrov), "Centros Commerciales Antei SL". Member of Russian Parliament Rezhnik Vladislav Matusovich purchaised Petrov's villa in 2004 (deal with "Inmobiliaria Balear 2001") and motor boat in 2006 (deal with "Inversiones Gudimar", "Centros Commerciales Antei" was purchaised. Boat had been registered at "Centros"). All the deals were done by Rezhnik family trust. Official comments of Rezhnik press-secretary
Sergei ViktorovichKuzmin May. 20, 1952
Viktor Stepanovich Gavrilenkov Aug. 17, 1952
ZhannaGavrilenkovaJan. 30, 1971Wife of Viktor Stepanovich Gavrilenkov


TypeCharging BodyChargeDateDescriptionSource
ArrestArrested in Russia. Accused in money laundering, capturing the enterprises, organizing contract killings, establishing organized crime group.
PoliceOld police files (Russia)
Indictment Spain Indictment


NameType of OwnershipPercentage OwnershipOther OwnersDescriptionAnnual IncomeSource
ZAO Znamenskaya- SELECT -Jun 23 1999 Barsukov was elected as a member of the board in ZAO "Znamenskaya" - the business-center project of SPAG in St. Petersburg. Also Smirnov Vladimir Alekseevich, Guadamilas-Kortes Fransisco, Zauer Klaus-Peter were elected in the board. Smirnov is old friend of Vladimir Putin. Putin was SPAG "consultant". Before Jun 23, 1999 Rudolf Ritter was in the board of "Znamenskaya".
ZAO St. Peterrsburg Fuel Company- SELECT -Peterburgskaya Toplivnaya Compania. Barsukov in 1998-2000 was also in the board, deputy chairman of the board in ZAO "St. Peterrsburg Fuel Company" (PTK). Putin's friend - Smirnov was PTK general director at list from 1998. His wife Drozdova Larisa Leonidovna was financial director of PTK (also was in the board of "Znamenskaya" and financial director of "Inform Future" - one more SPAG real estate project in St. Petersburg).Old police files
St. Petersburg Sea Port- SELECT -Controlled a part of St. Petersburg Sea PortOld police files
Oil concern PETRONEFTSERVICE- SELECT -In 1992-1995Old police files
Parnas-M- SELECT -Meat processing plantOld police files
Grand Palace trade center- SELECT -St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg charity society ITMO-XXI Century- SELECT -(Institute of mechanics and optics). Co-founder. The other co-founders: Vasiliev Vladimir Nikolaevich - Institute head, Gudkon Maxim Alexandrovich, Zagorovskiy Aleksei Alekseevich - senior vice-president of "SIBUR" company (from May 2003), Lastovka Vladimir Vasilievich (executive director "Bravo Premium" - a part of "Russkiy Alcogol" group (Russian Alcihol group of companies), Rutshtein Viatcheslav Efimovich (the head and owner of "Red Chenmist" St. Petersburg enterprise. The company was among co-founders of "St. Petersburg Fuel Company" - PTK, where Kumarin was in the board.) According to old police files: Rutshtein Viatcheslav Efimovich (Mar 23, 1955) in 1994 figured in the police material about kidnaping of 2 persons. He was among the co-founders and directors of St. Petersburg enterprises AO "Velikiy Gorod", AO "AmpetroEx", accountatn in "Bella Leone" restaurant, where the leaders of criminal world gathered, especially linked with Konstantine Yuakovlev ("Kostya-Mogyla", murdured May 25, 2003 in the middle of Moscow) criminal group. Yakovlev was in conflict with Kumarin, but later they as if devided the spheres of interests. As if "Vilikiy Gorod" was designed to get control over the custom-houses of North-Western part of Russia, "Pulkovo" airport (St. Petersburg) and custom operations in the St. Petersburg Sea Port.Old police files

Legal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Illegal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Donations & Charity

OrganizationAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Real Assets

Type of PropertyEstimated ValueDescriptionSource
Real-estateCountry house in elite country houses cooperative "Razliv" near St. Petersburg.

Links & Connections

This section lists persons who are linked through other connections including businesses or mutual associates. This may not indicate a direct relationship between the parties.
Name of the Person / OrganizationDescriptionSource
Rudolf Ritter Kumarin in his interview to Russian "Kommersant" newspaper told they were acquainted and Ritter invited him to "Znamenskaya" project. Via "Znamenskaya" and Ritter Kumarin had links with the European part of scheme ("money in real estate"). In Dec 12, 2002 Rudolf Ritter (Jun 10, 1954)(together with Eugen Von Hoffen (Jan 25, 1952)) were indicted in Liechtenstein for money laundering of drug dealers and investing that money into real estate projects in Europe and also fraud with SPAG shares. Finally Ritter was found not guilty (1 point of indictment), and got only 18 months without prison for trading SPAG shares out of stock exchange (2 point).
Fransisco Guadamilas-Kortes Via "Znamenskaya"
Klaus-Peter ZauerVia "Znamenskaya"
Alexander Ivanovich Malyshev "Malyshevskie", Via Petrov
Kazanskaya groupGot Kazanskaya group under strong control at the end of 1980-th middle 1990-th.
Shevchenko brothersShevchenko brothers (in mid 1990-th established a group, that worked also with Kumarin. Among the members of joint group the heads of AO "PETRONEFTESERVICE" (St. Petersburg oil service), AO "SURGUTNEFTEGAS" (one of the leading commercial oil companies in Russia, not transparent and close to Kremlin), AO "Fabrika", AO "Nord", AO "RTB", "VETERAN" foundation were mentioned in old police files.
Vladimir SmirnovKumarin had links with Smirnov - an old Putin friend -- who was finally dismissed from the top position in state controlled nuclear materials trading holding "Techsnabexport" (TENEX).
St. Petersburg city administrationVia "PTK" and Smirnov Kumarin had links with St. Petersburg city administration (and Putin as a deputy mayor in 1990-th).
PKTAmong the shareholders of "PTK" were the structures founded by Ilya Traber and Viktor Korytov. Sirotkin Mihail worked for one of Traber and Korytov structure. Traber lives in Spain now. Korytov is former KGB officer, deputy head of board in "Gasprombank". Sirotkin later became deputy head of "Gasprom" jurist department.

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