Alexander Ivanovich Malyshev,

Name: Alexander Ivanovich Surname: Malyshev,AKA: Malishev Aleksandr, Alexander Lagnas Gonzalez,
Date of birth: Sep. 9, 1958Place of birth: LeningradNationality: RussianAddress: Russia, St. Petersburg, Krasnoarmeyskaya Str., 5, 9. Krasnoselskiy district, Pionerstroya, 6, 180 (old address).
Spouse: Malysheva Elena Valentinovna (Jun 03, 1963) former wife. Solovieva Olga - new "wife" and assistant.Children: Interests: Real estate, construction, cement
Alleged Illegal Activities: Racketeering, contract killing, weapon smuggling, fraud, drugs, money laundering.Source: Spain indictment
Additional Information:Leader of Malyshevskaya(Malyshevskie)
In 1977, Malyshev was charged with murder and in 1984 was charged with manslaughter, spending brief stints in jail each time. He was part of several gangs and ran a fraud racket in the 1990s based on the famed Russian “thimble,’’ con.
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Countries of Residence
Countries Used as "Safe Heaven"
Countries Operating In


Persons with some association whether legally or personally with the party
First NameSurnameAKAConnectionDate of BirthDescriptionSource
Gennadiy VasilievichPetrov Jul. 19, 1947Link to "Tambovskie"
Vitaliy Harsunovich Izgilov 1959Mentioned in Spain indictment, point 10
Sergey ViktorovichKuzminMay. 20, 1952Hisparus SL, Sunstar Inversiones
Viktor Stepanovich Gavrilenkov Aug. 17, 1952Gavra
ZhannaGavrilenkova Jan. 30, 1971
Leonid Vitalievich KhristoforovJul. 7, 1970Link with "Tambovskie"
VadimRomanjyk Via Gavrilenkov
Leonid Khazine Via Kuzmin, MYR SA, MYR MARBELLA SL, Ayur Vida SL, Inversiones Finanzas Inmuebles SL


TypeCharging BodyChargeDateDescriptionSource
IndictmentSpain, Baltasar GarsonJun. 16, 2008
PoliceRussian PoliceMurder, manslaughter


NameType of OwnershipPercentage OwnershipOther OwnersDescriptionAnnual IncomeSource
TOO Nelli-Druzhba- SELECT -St. Petersburg, in 90-th was the manager
Planeta foundation- SELECT -In 90-th as if was director
Tatti- SELECT -Shop-network in St. Petersburg, in 90-th was founder
SBZ Investments Ltd- SELECT -Cyprus
Kindra SL- SELECT -Spain Indictment
Peresvet SL- SELECT -Via Solovieva Olga - Malyshev's link

Legal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Illegal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Donations & Charity

OrganizationAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource
Vladimir Kislev's "White Nights St. Petersburg" Festival not confirmed information: according to Russian internet, Malyshev as if donated money to Kiselev Vladimir - the founder of "White Nights St. Petersburg" Festival. Confirmed information: Kiselev's festival also got money from "Dvadtsatiy Trust Corporation" (Korporatsia Dvadzatiy Trest). In the criminal case (the case of "Dvadtsatiy Trest") investigated in 2000-th by Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Investigations Commettee, Putin was mentioned as a person in St. Petersburg administration who ordered to transfer budget money to the corporation. Nearly all the people who were mentioned in the criminal case later got top positions (after Putin came to Moscow the case was stopped). Kiselev was also mentioned in the case. Later he became the director of Federal state enterprise "Kreml" (The Kremlin), acted under the Russian President's administration cover. "Kreml" organised the visits of world stars in Russia. Madonna concert in particular.Russian Internet, unconfirmed information

Real Assets

Type of PropertyEstimated ValueDescriptionSource
Real-estateVilla in Spain
BoatMotor boat in Spain

Links & Connections

This section lists persons who are linked through other connections including businesses or mutual associates. This may not indicate a direct relationship between the parties.
Name of the Person / OrganizationDescriptionSource
Mihail ReboGermany
Pavel Cheluskin
Ildar Mustafin
Ruslan Tarstovskiy
Suren Zotov
Alexander YakovBusiness partners, see Spain Indictment, point 7Spain Indictment, point 7
Sergey, Nina and Anna BochishevVia SBZ Investments Ltd
Julian Jesus Angulo PerezVia AVC Consultories De Empresa SL, Lawyer and adviser
Ignacio Pedro Urquijo Sierra Spring Invest SL, Elvira Invest SL, Kandavu Inmo SL, Lawyer and adviser
Juan Antonio Felix Untoria AgustinLawyer and adviser

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