Sergey Anatolievich Mihailov,

Name: Sergey Anatolievich Surname: Mihailov,AKA: Seryei Mikhailov Mijas or Mihas,
Date of birth: Feb. 7, 1958Place of birth: Nationality: Russian Address: Russia, Moscow Novoperedelkinskaya Str., 8, 20. Or Novoperedelkinskaya Str., 3, 20. 1-Okrainnaya Str., 12, 2. Mozhayskoe Shosse, 2, 282
Spouse: Mihailova Ludmila Anatolievna (wife, Dec 15, 1958), also worked for "Volgonet" representative office in MoscowChildren: Mihailova Vera Sergeevna (daughter Aug 30, 1983), Mihailova Alexandra Sergeevna (daughter Dec 10, 1981)Interests: Market trading food and goods in Moscow, real estate, land, development business, gambling business, bowling clubs, hotel, transportation.
Alleged Illegal Activities: Racketeering, money laundering, kicbacks schemes in public works, smugglingSource:
Additional Information:Leader of "Solntzevskie" ("Solntzevskaya"), has more than 300 members
Named by Russian law enforcement as the leader of the massive Solntzevskaya crime group, Mihailov has been charged with racketeering, money laundering, organized crime and ordering attacks against enemies. Solntzevskaya Bratva is considered one of the most violent of the Russian crime groups.
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Countries of Residence
Countries Used as "Safe Heaven"
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Persons with some association whether legally or personally with the party
First NameSurnameAKAConnectionDate of BirthDescriptionSource
Viktor Sergeevich Averin May. 31, 1957
AlexanderSergeevich Averin Apr. 12, 1959Brother of Viktor
Mihail Yurievich KudinSep. 23, 1958
SergeyPetrovich Stolarov "Stolar" 1963
AndreyVladimirovich Skoch"Skotch"Jan. 30, 1966Member of Russian parliament, pro-president party "United Russia" parliamentary fraction
DjemalKonstantinovich Hachidze"Djemal Suramskiy"Jun. 16, 1937One of the key leaders in Russian criminal world.


TypeCharging BodyChargeDateDescriptionSource
Other The letter of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Dec. 1996


NameType of OwnershipPercentage OwnershipOther OwnersDescriptionAnnual IncomeSource
Center Through Connected Person or CompanyIn Jan 2007 the company "Polus", with Mihailov in a supervisory role, organized an expedition to the South Pole for then-Russian Federal Security Service director Nikolay Patrushev and his brother Viktor Patrushev, the head of frontier service Pronichev. The expedition was headed by Chilingarov Arthur. "Gasprom" was a sponsor (supplied aircraft). Center "Polus" based in Vnukovo international airport in Moscow. The airport is controlled by Moscow city government, and the head of the aeroport Vantsev Vitaliy Anatolievich is considered by police to be a Solntsevskie member.
MTK-International OAO PersonalMihailov was co-founder
MTK-International OOO PersonalMahailov was co-founder
MTK-International ZAO Through Connected Person or CompanyVia "Tonalito AG" Switzerland
Tonalito, AGThrough Connected Person or CompanySwitzerland based company owned by Greem Alex (USA)
Alex Greem and Co ZAO PersonalMihailov and Averin, also Tonalito AG were co-founders
Gabriella AOZT (ZAO) Through Connected Person or CompanyVia Tonalito AG
SV Holding AOZT Through Connected Person or CompanyVia Agro Plus KM. Owned at one point by ZAO IVK-International, a Russian-Britain joint company where Mihailov was the founder. Other director of IVK was Novitskii Eugeniy Grigorievich, the president of AFC Systema. Systema is linked with Moscow city mayor Yuri Luzhkov.
IVK-International- SELECT -Earlier via ZAO, a joint Russian-British venture with the company IVK-International. Mihailov was founder of IVK.
Rublevo ZAO Through Connected Person or CompanyActive in the sphere of development and land business near Moscow.
Firma Batra TOO- SELECT -Active in the sphere of development and land business near Moscow
G-A Trading International ZAO- SELECT -dodati znak Via Alex Greem, Moshe Ben-Ari - co-founder
The Union of cultural and recreation centresThrough Connected Person or CompanyNon commercial organization, development of gambling business
Vnukovo Terminal Service OOOThrough Connected Person or CompanyInternational Aeroport Vnukovo cargo business, via AOZT SV-Holding, OAO MTK-International, Agro Plus KM AG and Tonalito AG
Volgonet Trading Limited (Cyrus)Through Connected Person or CompanyMaihalov is listed as Russian representative. Mihailova Ludmila Anatolievna also worked for "Volgonet" representative office in Moscow ---Novoperedelkinskaya Str., 8, 20. Or Novoperedelkinskaya Str., 3, 20. 1-Okrainnaya Str., 12, 2. Mozhayskoe Shosse, 2, 282
Agro Plus K&M AG- SELECT -Switzerland based company
Proftonalito International ZAO- SELECT -
Merkator Holding OOO- SELECT -Mihailov was a co-founder
Rublevo-2 ZAO - SELECT -real estate and development -- was sold to Chalva Tchigirinskiy

Legal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Illegal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Donations & Charity

OrganizationAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource
Russian orthodox churchRegular donations, building temples
Sponsoring of polar expeditions
Uchastie charityWith his friends created "Uchastie" charity foundation.

Real Assets

Type of PropertyEstimated ValueDescriptionSource
Real-estateVillaNear Moscow
CarMercedes Benz, with the pass-card of Ypravlenia Delami Presidenta (Russian President's affairs management department)
Real-estateTown housesNear Moscow

Links & Connections

This section lists persons who are linked through other connections including businesses or mutual associates. This may not indicate a direct relationship between the parties.
Name of the Person / OrganizationDescriptionSource
Chalva and Alexander TchigirinskiyBusinessmen active in real estate, metal and oil business with the help of Moscow city government
Kobzon IosifSoviet and Russian singer, friends
Chilingarov Arthur NikolaevichRussian parliament member and vice-speaker, one of the leaders of pro-president "United Russia" party, friends. Mihailov helped to organize Patrushev's and Chilingarov's expedition to South Pole in Jan 2007
Patrushev Nikolay Platonovich Former director of Russian Security Service, now the head of Russian national security counsil. Mihailov helped to organize Patrushev's and Chilingarov's expedition to South Pole in Jan 2007
Amunts Dmitry Mihailovich Former Russian deputy-minister of culture, co-founded OOO "Merkator Holding" together with Mihailov and others
Skoch Andrey VladimirovichOne of the leaders of "Solntzevskie", member of Russian parliament
Greem Alex USA, 838 North Doheny Dreive Art 40 Los Angeles, issued 20.10.1988, via "Tonalito AG", "Prof-Tonalito AG", ZAO "Alex Greem and Co", OAO "Greemland", "Rublevo", "Rublevo-2", ZAO "G
Shayegan JaninaUSA co-director "Tonalito AG"
Muller Hans Switzerland, "Prof-Tonalito AG", liquidator
"Kemerovskaya"Mogylevich Semion in his past emerged from "Solntsevskaya" group. Averin Viktor Sergeevich as if was the link between "Solntsevskaya" and "Kemerovskaya" groups."Kemerovskaya" group was active in rare-metal illegal trade and smuggling. According to old police files: in Jun-Jul 1993 Scorin G. G. transferred from Russia to Tallinn the "pills" of Plutonium, Uranium, Cobalt, Scandiy, Gafniy etc. In Jun 1993 it was reported that the head of 13-Military hospital's drug-store Kazaryan A. R. and his companion Gusev V. (the owner of one of the parkings in Tallinn) transferred 5 Plutonium "pills" (5 gr each) to Estonia from Russia. "Kemerovskaya" members Voropaev O. and Stepanov V. organized security of the transportation. As if, the passing-point for the operation was the office of joint company "Mikaso" in St. Petersburg (in 1993 the local St. Petersburg tel. number was 531-6058). The stuff was kept by Kuzovov A. and G. G. Skorin's brother.
Russian ParliamentVia Ckoch and Chilingarov
Federal Security ServiceMaybe had links via Chilingarov and Patrushev
Moscow city governmentVia Novitskii, Kobzon, OOO "Merkator Holding" deals
Semion MogilevichReputed organized crime figure served time with MahailovBBC Panorama

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