Krasimir Andreev Marinov,

Name: Krasimir AndreevSurname: Marinov,AKA: The Big Margin; boss of SIK
Date of birth: May. 6, 1964Place of birth: SofiaNationality: BulgarianAddress: Street 433, №10
Spouse: MARIA VASILEVA MARINOVA (10.07.1969)Children: Interests:
Alleged Illegal Activities: Source:
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Krasimir Marinov, AKA The Big Margin, is on trial in Sofia facing charges he organized the murder of three Bulgarian businessmen, and of organized crime related activities. He and his brother, Nikolay Andreev Marino, The Little Margin, are part of a notorious crime group with ties to some of Bulgaria’s biggest political parties, police said. The Little Margin is also on trial, which has been temporarily delayed while the men deal with alleged health issues.
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MANI ET LtdPersonal33%Dmitry MSHNIV RUSEVICH LP RUS Affiliates 33% Foreign. participation in registries. capital - RUSSIAN FEDERATION Raycho TODOROV RAYKOV 33%Sofia municipality. SOFIA, hc VITOSHA Street № 10 433Bulstats
KRASAVTOPersonal100 %Address office: Sofia municipality. SOFIA, street № 25 Tchataldja Communications: AD phone (2) 9198224 Maintenance and repair of motor vehiclesBulstats
MEYER PLUS Ltd. LLC- SELECT -Dimitri RUSEVICH MINEV (Bulgarian)Enrique VERODZHO (Italian)Address: STR-VITOSHA Simeonovsko Shosse H. Ajax Bulstats
Meyer PlusPersonal25%Dmitry RUSEVICH MINEV - 25% Enrique VERODZHO LP - 50%Sofia, Vitosha Blvd SHAUSSE H. Ajax Classification - Other wholesaleBulstats
OLYMP-94 - Ltd. Personal50 %Dmitry RUSEVICH MINEV 50%office: Sofia municipality. Sofia, str 433 L X-Ajax № 10 Correspondence: Sofia municipality. Sofia, str LYUBA 5, office 2 Communications: et phone 02/8683531 Classification - brokering a variety of goodsBulstats
ROYAL-KM Ltd.Personal100 %Address office: Sofia municipality. SOFIA, hc VITOSHA Street № 10 433 Communications: Telephone ff 02/878989 Classification - Road Freight Bulstats
FORTUNA-P Ltd.PersonalIVO ALEXANDROV KARAMANSKI Address: STR-Sredets Georgi Sava Rakovski 116, X-L Sevastopol Bulstats

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