Dimitar Geliazkov,

Name: DimitarSurname: Geliazkov,AKA: Mitio the Eyes
Date of birth: Jan. 15, 1956Place of birth: BurgasNationality: BulgarianAddress: Lazur District, Bl.9, En.3, Ap.1, Burgas, Bulgaria
Spouse: TIANKA GELIAZKOVA (15.11.1971)Children: Interests:
Alleged Illegal Activities: drugs, prostitution and money launderingSource: Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice
Additional Information:Bulgarian anti-organized crime officers connect Mitio The Eyes to drugs, prostitution and money laundering. According to the police reports he is the boss of bosses of drug traffickers on the Black Sea coast. Power slipped with recent arrests, but he remains dangerous.
Dimitar Zhelyazkov, aka Mitio Ochite (Mitio the Eyes), confessed on January 25, 2008 that he was a drug boss and admitted all accusations of the Bourgas prosecutors office against him. After the confessions, Zhelyazkov signed an agreement with the Bourgas prosecution to cooperate. By admitting the accusations, Zhelyazkov agreed to serve four and a half years in prison.
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Persons with some association whether legally or personally with the party
First NameSurnameAKAConnectionDate of BirthDescriptionSource
PENEVStoyan The Plaster Apr. 28, 1965
KUPENOVNovak Aug. 20, 1976
DROSEVYourdan The Black Jul. 14, 1978
POPOVNikolay Dimitrov The Kettle Aug. 16, 1957
KAPELOVStrahil Ivanov Mar. 8, 1975
STAVREVADONIKA SPASOVA Feb. 4, 1974Girlfriend. Geliazkov has a lot of property formally owned by his friends, relatives and girlfriend.


TypeCharging BodyChargeDateDescriptionSource
ConvictionDrug trafficking 2008Zhelyazkov and 16 of his close associates were arrested in April 2007 on charges of participating in an organized drug and weapon smuggling ring. He is serving a 4 and 1/2 year prison sentence.


NameType of OwnershipPercentage OwnershipOther OwnersDescriptionAnnual IncomeSource
Agro Style 2005Personal
Invest PetroleumPersonalIn towns of Burgas and town of Kotel
Nights Guard-93PersonalIn town of Nesebar
Progress 2003PersonalIn Burgas

Dimitar Geliazov - companies

Legal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource
According to the state commission for confiscation of property there are no records of him operating any companies for profit. All of his companies are in liquidation or never operated as legitimate enterprises.

Illegal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Donations & Charity

OrganizationAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Real Assets

Type of PropertyEstimated ValueDescriptionSource
Real-estateApartments in the town of Bugas and in the area of Black Sea coast.
CarOwns a Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Alfa Romeo and a Lamborghini with his girlfriend.

Links & Connections

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Name of the Person / OrganizationDescriptionSource
VIS and TONOVConnections with VIS group.
Officials - NessebarMitio the Eyes was very close to Dimitar Yankov, the former chairmen of the Municipality Council of Nessebar - the richest tourist area on the Black Sea coast.

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