Gennadiy Vasilievich Petrov,

Name: Gennadiy VasilievichSurname: Petrov,AKA:
Date of birth: Jul. 19, 1947Place of birth: Nationality: RussianAddress: Russia, St. Petersburg Bolshoy Proezd, 87, 31 Nalichnaya Str., 36/4, 124
Spouse: Children: Anton Petrov GennadievichInterests: Real-estate
Alleged Illegal Activities: Money laundering, bribes, influence tradingSource:
Additional Information:Net worth more than 30 million Euro
Gennadiy Petrov was indicted in Spain in 2008, along with several other Russian crime figures on charges including money laundering, establishing a criminal network, ordering assaults, bribery and tax evasion.
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Persons with some association whether legally or personally with the party
First NameSurnameAKAConnectionDate of BirthDescriptionSource
Anton Petrov GennadievichSonJul. 5, 1981Petrov (born 1981) is the head of a large building and reconstruction company, Baltiyskiy Monolit in St. Petersburg and Moscow ( The company built large business complexes in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and developed projects in Sochi, a city with large state and private contracts as future home of the Olympic Games.
VladislavReznik Business partnerMay. 17, 1954Reznik (May 17, 1954) is a member of the Russian Parliament, member of United Russia pro-Putin party. He is from St. Petersburg. Reznik bought villa and yacht from Petrov, his villa in Spain was searched by police.
ViktorGavrilenkovAug. 17, 1952
SergeyKuzminMay. 20, 1952
LeonidKhristoforovJul. 7, 1970
GlebLitvak Nov. 6, 1970
TatyanaKhristoforova Jan. 5, 1947


TypeCharging BodyChargeDateDescriptionSource
IndictmentSpain Indictment: Money laundering, establishing criminal network in Spain, giving orders for violance, bribes, trading of influence, not paying taxes.
IntelligenceRussian police anti organized crime devision old files Named Petrov as one of the leaders of a criminal groups


NameType of OwnershipPercentage OwnershipOther OwnersDescriptionAnnual IncomeSource
Hisparus SL- SELECT -Viktor Gavrylenkov, Sergei KuzminAccording to Spain Indictment (Madrid, Jun 16, 2008, Deligencias previas 321/06 J).
Sunstar Inversiones - SELECT -Yuriy salykov
Inversiones Gudimar SL- SELECT -
Centros Commerciales Antei SL- SELECT -
Drever Limited - SELECT -Julia Ermolenko
Kost Espanola De Inversiones SA - SELECT -Petrov, Kuzmin
Inmobiliaria Balear 2001 SL- SELECT -
Inmobiliaria Calvia 2001 SL- SELECT -
Namur Properties- SELECT -
Ken Espanola De Inversiones, Louis Properties - SELECT -Spain
Baff Investment- SELECT -
Kost de Inversiones - SELECT -PanamaVia Svetlana Kuzmina - wife of Sergey Kuzmin
Inversiones Finanzas Inmuebles SL- SELECT -
Myr Marbella SL- SELECT -
Ayurvida SL - SELECT -Via Leonid Khazin subordinate of Sergei Kuzmin

Legal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Illegal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Donations & Charity

OrganizationAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Real Assets

Type of PropertyEstimated ValueDescriptionSource
Real-estateVilla in Calvia (Spain)
- SELECT -Yacht "Sasha"

Links & Connections

This section lists persons who are linked through other connections including businesses or mutual associates. This may not indicate a direct relationship between the parties.
Name of the Person / OrganizationDescriptionSource
Juan Antonio Felix Untoria Agustin Spain, lawyer
Juan Jesus Angulo Perez Spain, assistant
Ignacio Pedro Urquijo SierraSpain, lawyer
Kumarin Vladimir Tambovskie
Malyshev Alexander Malyshevskie
Izgilov Vitaliy Baumanskaya, later Malyshevskaya and TambovskayaThe devision into criminal groups can not considered to be strict because of the changers over the past years when leaders and top members turned into "legal" businessmen and mixed with each other.
Rebo Mihail Germany, arrested in 2008
Kalashov Zakhar
Russian Parliament
People close to Vladimir Putin Russian prime minister and former president, old friends.

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