Naser Kelmendi,

Naser Kelmendi
Photo by: FBiH Ministry of Interior
Name: NaserSurname: Kelmendi,AKA: Meto
Date of birth: Feb. 15, 1957Place of birth: Peć, KosovoNationality: Kosovar AlbanianAddress: Edhema Eke Džubura 20, Ilidža, BiH
Spouse: Fatima KelmendiChildren: Elvis, Liridon and Besnik KelmendiInterests: Real-estate, hotels, jewlery, oil and car trading.
Alleged Illegal Activities: Drugs, oil and tabacco smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, extortion. Source: Bosnian police and SIPA
Additional Information:Naser Kelmendi holds citizenship of BiH and Montenegro. His three sons work with him in the family businesses including his criminal ones.
Naser Kelmendi has been investigated by law enforcment around the Balkans for years, but so far the Kosovo born businessman has rarely been charged although there is an ongoing investigation in Sarajevo on 13 charges. The ethnic Albanian businessman has made Sarajevo his home since the 1990s but after increasing pressure, has recently relocated possibly to Montenegro.
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Countries of Residence
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Countries Used as "Safe Heaven"
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Countries Operating In
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Persons with some association whether legally or personally with the party
First NameSurnameAKAConnectionDate of BirthDescriptionSource
FahrudinRadončićBusiness AssociateMay. 24, 1957Bosnian real estate developer who owns Dnevni Avaz newspaper. Kelmendi and Avaz exchanged real-estate in Zenica and Sarajevo. Avaz bought armored vehicle from Kelmendi.SIPA report
Muhamed AliGašiBest manSep. 11, 1973Crime figure. Currently in prison in BiHSIPA report
AlmirKukanŽutiBodyguardSep. 2, 1980Interpol / Montenegro Police / SIPA
AslanPeciĐekiDec. 4, 1964Imported one of the armored vehicles for Kelmendis.SIPA
BecirKelmendihalf brother - involved in businessesSep. 14, 1966From Peć, founder of Adolado ice-cream factory. Convicted of unauthorized possession of weapon. SIPA report
Redžep (or Rexep) KelmendiĐekoCousin - works in businessNov. 25, 1968Born in Peć, lives in Ulcinj, Montenegro. SIPA report
NaserOrićFriendMar. 3, 1967Commander of Bosnian forces in Srbrenica. See entry in this database. Used to live in his hotel Casa Grande. SIPA report
JasminaBabićUnwed wifeJul. 10, 1974Babić was born, western Serbia. According to police, she often traveled between Bar and Sarajevo carrying significant amounts of money which she reported several times to custom officials at border crossing. Some of Kelmendi
LiridonKelmendiDonaSonJan. 1, 1983Police Federation
NihadBojadžićGeneralMember Jun. 20, 1962Currently on trial for war crimes against Croats in Herzegovina. In connection with Acik Can, who was in 2009 indicted of drug smuggling and unauthorized weapon possession. He is high ranked BiH Army Officer. SIPA
BesnikIsmailiMikiClosest associateOct. 29, 1972Macedonian, lives in Tuzla. SIPA
NaserKruezijuClosest associateApr. 20, 1963The owner of cafe Atlantis in Zenica.
FarmirMujajSoldier Jan. 19, 1984Born in Peć. Interpol / Montenegro Police
FuadNikčiSoldierAug. 28, 1981Born in Rožaje, Montenegro. In 2000, he was convicted of assault. Interpol / SIPA
Hajdar UkeQufajAssociate In 2006 he was charged with assault. Interpol / Montenegro Police
Arber KelmendiCousin


TypeCharging BodyChargeDateDescriptionSource
ConvictionDistrict Court in Peć, KosovoAttempted MurderFeb. 6, 1976Sentenced to a prison term of 18 months.Serbian Ministry of Interior
PoliceBrawling, Violent Behavior Charges from before Kosovo war.Serbian Ministry of Interior
PoliceSarajevo Canton Ministry of InteriorMurder, Attempted Murder, Assault, Unauthorized Possesion of Weapons At least 13 criminal complaints have been filed between 2005 and 2009 against Kelmendi and his sons Elvis, Liridon and Besnik.Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Interior
ConvictionMunicipal Court in SarajevoViolent Behaviour Jun. 2, 2009Kelmendi's son, Elvis, was sentenced to one-year probation for violent behavior. He pleaded guilty for hitting a man three times in face and hitting women with a fist. Municipal Court in Sarajevo
ConvictionMunicipal Court in SarajevoUnauthorized Possesion of WeaponsMay. 10, 2004Kelmendi's brother, Bećir, was sentenced to six-months probation for purchase and carrying a gun without a permit.Municipal Court in Sarajevo
ConvictionMunicipal Court in SarajevoUnauthorized Possesion of WeaponsJul. 10, 2006Kelmendi's son, Liridon, was sentenced to seven months probation for carrying a weapon and ammunition without a permit.Municipal Court in Sarajevo

Serbian Ministry of Interior Wrap Sheet


NameType of OwnershipPercentage OwnershipOther OwnersDescriptionAnnual IncomeSource
Casa Grande Personal100 percentHotel and restaurant in suburb of Sarajevo.Sarajevo Company Records
Donata CompanyPersonal100 percentReal-estate company in Montenegro. Montenegro Land Records
PersonalTrading company in duty free zone in Dubai. Kelmendi statement to prosecutor in Sarajevo
Adolado Through Connected Person or CompanyHalf-brother Bećir Ice cream manufacturer. Sarajevo Company Registry, Kelmendi statement to prosecutor in Sarajevo
Miss DonnaThrough Connected Person or CompanyHis son, Liridon KelmendiJewelry shop in Peć, Kosovo. Kelmendi statement to prosecutor in Sarajevo
DonnaShellThrough Connected Person or CompanyHis son, Besnik Kelmendi Trading company. Owns gas station, car salon, furniture shop, market and motel in Peć, Kosovo. Kelmendi statement to prosecutor
Casa Grande Through Connected Person or CompanyRepresentative Office of Casa Grande in Belgrade. Serbian police informed BiH police that the company could not be found at the registered address. Belgrade Company Records, Intelligence

Legal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Illegal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource
Loan Sharking20,000,000 KM2005 and 2006Kelmendi was allegedly lending out that money at a monthly interest rate of 10 percent. SIPA presentation

Donations & Charity

OrganizationAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Real Assets

Type of PropertyEstimated ValueDescriptionSource
Real-estate980,000 KM1053 sq m hotel and restaurant Casa Grande and 775 sq m land in Iliža, Sarajevo. Sarajevo Land Records
Real-estateIn Ulcinj, he owns an apartment, house, 11 housing units and an apartment building.
CarHummer, Armored Jeep Cherokee, Audi A8 and BMW X5 SUVImport records and statement to prosecutor
Real-estate53 sq m, two bedroom apartment in Sarajevo. Sarajevo Land Registry
Real-estate78 sq m, three bedroom apartment in Ilidža, SarajevoSarajevo Land Registry
Real-estate104 sq m house and 723 sq m land in Hrasnica, Sarajevo Sarajevo Land Registry
Real-estate120,000 KM94 sq m house and 836 sq m land in Butmir, SarajevoSarajevo Land Records
Real-estate500,000 KM447 sq m house and 1,227 sq m land in Ilidža, Sarajevo. Kelmendi acquired the villa through exchange of property with Avaz, publishing company owned by Fahrudin Radončić. According to contract, Avaz became the owner of Kelmendi’s business premises and sales premises in residential and business building in Zenica worth 300,000 KM. He also paid 200,000 KM in cash. Sarajevo Land Records
Real-estate2,000 sq m ice-cream factory and 1,000 sq m land in Hadžići, Sarajevo. Built in 2008 and put on sale a year later. Sale add
Real-estateGas station, car saloon, furniture shop, market and motel in Peć, Kosovo.Statement to prosecutor
Real-estateTwo jewelry shops in Peć, Kosovo.Statement to prosecutor
Land18,638 sq m land in Ulcinj, MontenegroMontenegro Land Records
Real-estate1,800 sq m apartment building in Ulcinj, Montenegro.Montenegro Land Records
Real-estate73 sq m apartment in Ulcinj, Montenegro Montenegro Land Records
Real-estate11 housing units, 355 sq m in total, in Ulcinj, MontenegroMontenegro Land Records
Real-estate56 sq m apartment in Podgorica, Montenegro. Montenegro Land Records

Kelmendi_53-sq-m apartment in Sarajevo
Kelmendi_78-sq-m apartment
Kelmendi_104-sq-m house
Kelmendi_447-sq-m villa
Jeel Cherokee Import Records
Kelmendi_Real-assets in Ulcinj
Kelmendi_Real-assets in Podgorica
Kelmendi_94-sq-m house in Sarajevo
Kelmendi Hotel in Sarajevo

Links & Connections

This section lists persons who are linked through other connections including businesses or mutual associates. This may not indicate a direct relationship between the parties.
Name of the Person / OrganizationDescriptionSource
Rok StanajAccording to BiH State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) records from November 2008, Kelmendi's most powerful and influential connections, after Kosovo, are in Montenegro where Roko Stanaj is on the top of the list. "Roko Stanaj, controversial Montenegrin busissman, father of Anton who, with his brothers Nuo, Ljubo, Vaso, Simon and Sander, under the "supervision" of their father Roko, founded family company Rokšped based in Tuzi in Montenegro, which is dealing with the import of tobacco products. They are related to oil and weapons smuggling," records say.In May 2011 Roko's son, Anton was convicted of organizing a criminal group for international cigarette smuggling. See Anton Stanaj's profile.Bosnia's State Investigation and Protection Agency records
Ekrem Luka
Safet Kalić

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