Đorđe Ždrale,

Name: ĐorđeSurname: Ždrale, AKA: Đoka Đole,
Date of birth: May. 6, 1976Place of birth: Sarajevo, Bosnia-HerzegovinaNationality: SerbianAddress: Gornji Miljevići 3, Istočno Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
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Prison didn’t do much to straighten out Đorđe Ždrale. In April, 2010 he was sentenced to 20-years in a Bosnia and Herzegovina prison for murdering Ljubiša Savić, AKA Mauzer, the former head of the Republika Srpska Police Administration. At trial, a court found he agreed to carry out the hit while sitting in prison for a previous murder conviction in Sarajevo. And police said he still runs his gang from a prison cell today.
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ConvictionProsecutor's Office of BiHFirst Degree Murder Apr. 16, 2010In April, 2010, the Court of BiH sentenced Ždrale to 20 years in prison for the 2000 murder of Ljubiša Savic, aka Mauzer, the famed war-time commander of the Panthers, an elite unit of the RS Army and the former chief of RS police. He plotted the murder while in prison serving time for a previous murder. Indictment / Verdict
IndictmentDistrict Prosecutor's Ofice in Istocno SarajevoBodily InjuryNov. 15, 2004According to the indictment, around 3:45 AM on Nov. 25, 2003, Ždrale punched another prisoner in the face several times, breaking his nose and inflicting several other injuries. In Sept. 2006, he was found not guilty by the Basic Court in Sokolac.Indictment / Verdict
ConvictionProsecutor's Office in Istočno SarajevoMurderMar. 13, 1998In May 1998, Basic Court in Istočno Sarajevo sentenced Ždrale to 7 years in prison. Memo by the District Court in Istočno Sarajevo

Zdrale_First Degree Murder_Verdict_2010-4-16
Zdrale_Bodily Injury_Verdict_2005-9-11
Zdrale_Bodily Injury_Verdict_2007-4-5


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