Dejan Stojanović,

Photo by: Serbian Ministry of Interior White Book
Name: DejanSurname: Stojanović,AKA: Keka
Date of birth: Place of birth: Nationality: SerbianAddress: Belgrade, Serbia unknown, he is in hiding because he is suspected of murder
Spouse: Children: Interests: sports
Alleged Illegal Activities: drugs, murders, rape, robbery, blackmail, violent behavior, stealing motor vehicles, extortion, racketeering Source:
Additional Information:Leader of Novobeogradski klan (New Belgrade Clan).
Stojanović is the suspected leader of the Novobeogradski Klan (New Belgrade Clan). In a 2001 special police report called the White Book, NewBelgarde clan was named one of the most organized and aggressive criminal groups, involved in all kinds of criminal activities. About 20 people are the core of this organization, but many more people are working with them.
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Countries of Residence
Countries Used as "Safe Heaven"
Countries Operating In


Persons with some association whether legally or personally with the party
First NameSurnameAKAConnectionDate of BirthDescriptionSource
NikolaŠestoPikamember of his group killed Siniša Mićić
Ivan Borovčaninmember of his group with Vojkan Pejanović killed Milan Vukmanović
VladanMiketićmember of his group suspected for many murders including the murders of Nikola Banda and Nikola Petrović; this is why he is in hiding
NebojšaSpasojević Spalemember of his group attempted murder of Nenad Ergić
Nenad GrujovićGrujamember of his group with the rest of the group members participated in the killing of Nikola Petrović
Nemanja ArsenijevićMutavacmember of his group 1977With rest of the group members attempted the murder of Borislav Bandić and Željko Bandić. In February 2010 arrested for smuggling and selling heroin.
Nebojša Milanović Milanomember of his group
AleksandarDabić Dabamember of his group executive in attempted murder of Milan Vujanović and he attempted murder of Zoran Lazarević
VladimirMilinković Milinkomember of his group raped Gordana Nestorović and Nataša Jovanović
AleksandarVlahović Rambomember of his group attempted murder of Saša Ilić
MarioMilosavljević member of his group attempted murder of Saša Stojanović and Nebojša Bugajić

arrest of Nemanja Arsenijević 11-02-2010


TypeCharging BodyChargeDateDescriptionSource


NameType of OwnershipPercentage OwnershipOther OwnersDescriptionAnnual IncomeSource

Legal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Illegal Income

OriginAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Donations & Charity

OrganizationAmountTime FrameDescriptionSource

Real Assets

Type of PropertyEstimated ValueDescriptionSource

Links & Connections

This section lists persons who are linked through other connections including businesses or mutual associates. This may not indicate a direct relationship between the parties.
Name of the Person / OrganizationDescriptionSource
Dragan Stojkovic Piksihe was seen with Dragan Stojković Piksi on the final cup match in Serbia between Red Star Belgrade and OFK Belgrade
some musicians in Serbiaaccording to the media
AmericaHe has connections with a group called America and a group called Sokolački klan
Sokolački klan (clan)He has connections with a group called America and a group called Sokolački klan

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