Biography for Andrija Drašković
Andrija Drašković took over the criminal organization formerly under the leadership of Željko Ražnjatović. Ražnjatović, also known as Arkan, was a widely feared and accused war criminal who was assassinated in Belgrade in 2000.

Drašković is currently being retried for the murder of Zvonko Plečić Pleća (a member of Surčin clan). He spent 4 years in prison for the murder, but in 2004 the verdict was overturned and he was released. In October 2004, he was a target of an assassination attempt in Belgrade. Two years later, in July 2006, assassins again targeted Drašković in a club. Instead they struck a bystander who looked like Drašković and has just switched places with the gang leader, police said. Draskovic was indicted in Italy along with Stanko Subotic and Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic. The indictment said Draskovic was to provide protection for members of the Italian mafia while in Montenegro and Serbia in exchange for a monopoly in heroin and cocaine shipments.
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