Biography for Vladimir Sergeevich Kumarin,
Vladimir Sergeevich Barsilov. AKA Kumarin is widely believed to be the leader of the Tambovskaya crime family in St. Petersburg.

Vladimir Sergeevich Barsilov. AKA Kumarin was born in Alexandrovka village (Muchanskiy district of Tambov region, Russia. In 1976 he became a student at the St. Petersburg Institute of Mechanics and Optics - "ITMO, but did not graduate until 2001. Among his previous jobs he’s worked in a dining hall, as a bartender, porter, unskilled laborer and salesman. But by the mid-1990s his criminal career showed promise and he owned strip and night clubs in St. Petersburg. He was first indicted in 1985 for illegally storing ammunition, hooliganism and possessing a forged passport. Three years later he was charged with extortion. In 1994, then St. Petersburg Deputy Mayor Vladimir Putin, awarded the "Petersburg Fuel Company" or PTK -- a network of petrol stations in the region, a sole source contract with the city. The company's ownership included Vladimir Smirnov, one of Putin's longtime friends. PTK was alleged to be connect to the Tambov mafia. By 1998 Smirnov controlled PTK and installed Kumarin in as his deputy. Kumarin was caught in an assassination attempt and lost his arm and spent nearly a year in Germany, including a lengthy hospital stay. In 2000 he left the company and changed his name to Barsukov, his mother’s maiden name. In August, 2007 he was charged by Russian police with money laundering, contract killings and organizing a criminal group possibly because of a political dispute with a powerful politician. He was eventually indicted and was sentenced in late 2009 to 14 years in prison.
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