Biography for Sreten Jocić
Jocić is one of Serbia’s most feared and notorious mobsters who has been linked to several murders in several countries, and drug trafficking.

In 1993 Jocić was charged in The Netherlands with attacking a police officer, but he escaped one year into his sentence. On the run, he went to Serbia, where in 1995 he arranged the murder of his rival, Goran Marjanović, AKA Goksi Bombaš. But before he could be arrested, he fled to Bulgaria, where he hid out for years. In 2002, Interpol finally caught up with him in Bulgaria and arrested him on an outstanding warrant on charges from The Netherlands. That arrest revealed many curious and powerful connections Jocić established in Bulgaria. Years after the arrest, Bojko Borisov, a former head of the Bulgarian police and current Bulgarian prime minister, faced accusations that he helped protect and hide Jocić. In the Netherland, Jocić served his full sentence for attacking the police officer, and then was extradited to Serbia to face a 1995 indictment for ordering the murder of Marjanović. Despite the seriousness of the charges, and the fact that he had spent a decade on the run, a Serbian judge allowed Jocić to be freed on bail. While free, he racked up two more charges: One in 2007 for obstructing a police officer, and the other for illegally possessing weapons and explosive materials. Finally, justice caught up to him in 2009, when he was charged with involvement in murder of Ivo Pukanić, the owner of the Croatian magazine Nacional. In 2010, he was finally sentenced to 15 years in prison for the Marjanović murder, and he is still awaiting trial in for Pukanić’s murder.
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