Biography for Tasim Kučević,
Tasim Kucevic is a well known crime figure in BiH who was convicted and sentenced for human trafficking. He famously slapped the cousin of a trafficking victim on state TV as she confronted him in front of the court.

Tasim Kucevic is a Tuzla based crime figure who has been convicted for human trafficking and other crimes. The Court of BiH sentenced Tasim Kučević in 2009 to twelve years in prison for organized crime, money laundering, trafficking and soliciting to prostitution. The same year Kučević was also charged with assault when he hit the cousin of one of the women he forced into prostitution as they were waiting for a hearing within the compound of the Court of BiH. The court said criminal activities usually took place in the Hotel Mlin, which Kučević owns through his company Eurokuč registered as a hospitality and tourism company. He was assisted in this by his common law wife Meliha Pjević who was sentenced to six months in prison. Along with the two of them, the criminal group was also made up of Enver Spahić, born in Živinice and residing in Tuzla, Zoran Trbar, born in Tuzla and and residing in Bijeljini, Admir Fazlić and born in Zagreb and residing in Gradačac, Mirzet and Nedžad Đulović born and residing in Tuzla, Almir Šabić born and residing in Tuzla, Mirsad Mujkić born in Zvornik and residing in Breza and Edževit Gusinac born in Tutin, Serbia and residing in Tuzla. Kučević was born on 16 September 1961 in Žabren, Serbia. He has citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina and residence in Tuzla.
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