Biography for Naser Kelmendi,
Naser Kelmendi has been investigated by law enforcment around the Balkans for years, but so far the Kosovo born businessman has rarely been charged although there is an ongoing investigation in Sarajevo on 13 charges. The ethnic Albanian businessman has made Sarajevo his home since the 1990s but after increasing pressure, has recently relocated possibly to Montenegro.

Sarajevo Cantonal police have filed at least 13 criminal complaints in the past five years against Kelmendi and his sons Elvis, Liridon and Besnik, including charges of murder, attempted murder and assault. Police detained and investigated him in the murder of Ramiz "Celo" Delelic, a major Bosnian drug dealer who had clashed with the local Albanians, but no charges were ever filed. Bosnia's State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) and Interpol records say Kelmendi allegedly runs a large regional criminal network that deals in everything from trafficking of heroin, arms and cigarettes to loan sharking and extortion. SIPA also links him to Safet "Sajo" Kalic, a suspected Montenegrin drug trafficker and Muhammad Gasi, another Sarajevo based ethnic Albanian who is currently serving time for extortion. Serbian intelligence officials have long linked him to the Pec mafia and to Kosovo's leading politicians associated with that group including Hasim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj. Kelmendi was born in Pec. He has had business dealings with a number of influential businessmen including developer Fahrudin Radoncic, owner of Bosnia's largest circulation newspaper. He has hotels, a trucking business and describes himself as a trader. He has denied being involved in any criminal activities and his lawyer has accused the media of a vendetta.
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