Biography for Luka Bojović
Bojović is currently one of the most powerful and feared crime bosses still active in the Balkans. With the arrest and imprisonment of Sreten Jocić, aka Joca Amsterdam, and the indictment and manhunt after accused drug kingpin Darko Šarić and his gang, Bojović has been trying to fill the void and become the undisputed boss of organized crime bosses.

During the war years of the 1990s, Bojović served in the Serbian Volunteer Guard run by Željko Ražnatović Arkan. In that period, Bojović also committed several crimes in Serbia, including illegal weapons possession, forgery of documents, extortion and instances of extreme violence. After the assassination of Arkan in 2000, Bojović became more active in Europe. Some reports indicate that he worked with major criminal enterprises in drug trafficking, prostitution and kidnapping. The Dutch police issued an international wanted list on suspicion of organizing the murder of Srdjan Miranović in Podgorica on January, 12 2006. The potential hitman was Vim Holeder William a famous Dutch mobster who is famous for the 1983 kidnapping of multimillionaire heir Freddy Heineken. After several Zemun Clan leaders were murdered in March, 2003, Luka Bojović took over the organization. He used the existing organization and also assumed control of its fugitive members and their activities. He ordered several murders of criminal opponents. Bojović was arrested on gun possession charges in Serbia in the fall of 2007, along with associates Veljko Banovic and Ilija Novović. He spent a little more than a year in jail and, when released, left Serbia. In 2010 he became a fugitive after Serbian police issued a warrant on a variety of charges. According to Sretko Kalinic, a former Bojović associate arrested in Croatia in June 2010, Bojovic organized 11 murders. His closest associates, Ilija Novović and Cvetko Simić, were murdered in 2009 and Bojović was arrested in Spain on Feb. 9, 2012 along with three associates -- Vladimir Milisavljević, Siniša Petrić and Vladimir Mijanović, while they were having dinner at an upscale restaurant. According to a Spanish police press release, Bojović and his associates committed 20 murders in in Serbia, Holland and Spain and are under investigation in Switzerland, Romania, Holland, USA and Spain for several robberies and drug trafficking. Pictures accompanying the arrest show that Bojović lost considerable weight during his years on the run. Bojović owned group of companies called TAEDA, through his associate Cvetko Simić, registered in USA state Delaware, Croatia and Serbia. The Delaware company was established at the same address as a company owned by fugitive drug kingpin Darko Šarić.
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