Magnitsky Stories

OCCRP has reported extensively on the Magnitsky story. Here are our stories on this important topic.

The Wall Street Connection

wall street

When reporters followed the money, the path was clear -- a Moldovan ghost company was used to transfer funds stolen from the Russian tax authority to an international real estate company named Prevezon. Shortly after, Prevezon bought luxury New York apartments near Wall Street that it still owns. Denis Katsyv, the current owner of that company and the son of a wealthy government official, has denied any...

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The Moldovan House of Fraud

House of Fraud

In the winter of 2008, more than US$52 million poured through the bank accounts of two ghost companies based in Moldova. These companies were conduits for money that a ring of Russian state officials and organized crime figures stole through a complex tax fraud scheme. The fraud was exposed by Russian lawyer Sergey Magnitski who was working for Hermitage Capital, an American...

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Following the Magnitsky Money


As Russian tax lawyer Sergei Magnitsky slowly died in a Russian prison from abuse and neglect, US$230 million (5.4 billion Russian Rubles) in taxes stolen from his client disappeared into a maze of phantom companies, crooked banks and offshore accounts. Magnitsky, accused of the largest tax scam in Russian state history despite being the whistleblower who reported it, knew who pulled off the theft but not who the...

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Death of a Lawyer


Exactly two years after his death in a dank, frigid, rat-infested cell, Sergei Magnitsky has become a byword for the byzantine world of state-sanctioned corruption, money laundering and violence endemic in some of Russia’s political and economic elites. The brazen tactics of his persecutors seem to horrify everyone —except the Russian government, who has not held anyone involvedaccountable except Magnitsky...

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